of Sweden?

Experience the many joys of Swedish life in this unique Virtual Reality experience. Works best with Google Cardboard, or the Oculus Rift.

Play in your browser!

Simulated Experiences

Walk down a street

Simulate ignoring strangers as you walk down a crowded street. Of course, you have a stroller.

Wait in line

Experience waiting in endless lines like a true Swede.

"Vaska" champagne

Act like a rich Swede and pour champagne down the sink at a club.

Celebrate Midsummer

Be at the classic celebration with dancing, fish, and way too much booze.

More to come...


Do I need an Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard?

Nope. It works fine without it on your desktop or mobile browser.

How do I enter VR mode?

At the bottom of the screen will be a little headset icon that you can click/tap on.

How do I get the Oculus Rift to work?

You need to follow the MozVR instructions here.

What was this built in?

JavaScript and WebGL! The source code is on Github!

Is this real life?

Close! Special thanks goes to Humus for the awesome skyboxes.

Where can I find more?!?

Love Sweden? Buy the Knäckeshirt!

Have an idea?

I'm always looking for new Swedish situations to simulate. If you feel like this game is missing one in particular, I'd love to know!